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Although breast milk is undeniably the best nutrition for babies, millions of mothers worldwide cannot continue to breastfeed for the recommended time due to a variety of demands, such as work, medical issues, and lifestyle. A mother’s current experience often includes using a loud, cumbersome and unnatural suction device in an isolated and depressing space for 20% of their day, frequently unable to be actively engaged and responsive to the pressure of their day-to-day lives. While in the throes of obtaining her biomedical engineering PhD from Johns Hopkins University, the group leader was inspired by her own pumping challenges to create an innovative solution. Based on scientific research, we are developing a breast pump that mimics the natural and age-old art of hand expression, instead of archaic vacuum technology that dominates the market. Inspired by the simplicity of blood pressure cuffs, our gentle compression technology enables efficient and comfortable milk expression and ultimately, allows unprecedented design flexibility to create the only discreetly wearable, virtually silent and hands-free breast pump, liberating mothers from their isolated and depressing pumping spaces. With easy-to-use inserts that adapt to any bra, our technology simultaneously compresses the back of the breast and mimics the nipple stimulation that babies naturally provide resulting in milk flow optimization. Initial testing results show that our patent pending, innovative technology is easier to use and more effective than currently available alternatives. Additionally, by reducing the number of parts from >10 to 2, we are simplifying both the set-up and cleaning, as well as the global carbon footprint. Our easy-to-use and unique breast pump facilitates a low cost entry point for all mothers, providing a novel platform technology that addresses a worldwide escalating health issue. Our innovative compression products will significantly disrupt this high-growth 1 billion market.

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