Mighty Mom utility belt

Every mom is a super hero

WINNER: First Prize & Trip to Silicon Valley

Finally, a fashionable, discrete, hands-free wearable pump that automatically logs and analyses your personal data.

This is dedicated to the educators, the nurses and the working professionals. We've heard your complaints about lack of privacy, need for hands-free function, and on-the-go portability.

This is the solution that includes personalize data and customizable fit for the smart busy mighty mom!

TEAM: Ioannis Smanis, Erin Freeburger, Kat Sniffen, Val Hanson, Tim Brothers, Robyn Churchill, Joseph Hollmann, Santiago Alfaro, Caitlin Key Alfaro, Don Blair, Ashley Ng, Revital Gabay

Built with

  • arduino
  • wearables
  • software-prototyping
  • human-factors
  • user-experience-research
  • user-centered-design
  • analog
  • leds
  • ir-led
  • glue
  • velcro
  • reuse
  • hardware
  • ios

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